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New Scholarship Review: Interview with Federico Fabbrini

Richard Albert, Boston College Law School

In this installment of I-CONnect’s interview series, I speak with Federico Fabbrini about his forthcoming paper on The Euro-Crisis and the Courts: Judicial Review and the Political Process in Comparative Perspective. In his paper, Professor Fabbrini explores the increasing involvement of courts in the fiscal and economic affairs of the state, with a specific focus on Europe.

In our short interview, Professor Fabbrini outlines his theory of judicial deference in constitutional litigation involving the economic management of the state, discusses the case currently pending before the German Constitutional Court on the legality of the Outright Monetary Transaction policy introduced by the European Central Bank, and considers ways to address the Euro-crisis and to secure a deeper and more sustainable Economic and Monetary Union.

The full interview is available here.

Suggested Citation: Richard Albert, New Scholarship Review: Interview with Federico Fabbrini, Int’l J. Const. L. Blog, September 23, 2013, available at:


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