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Our commitment to accessibility

Oxford University Press continuously strives to make its products accessible to and inclusive of all our users, including those with visual, hearing, cognitive, or motor impairments.

To support these goals, we follow the general principles of web usability and universal design and, where feasible, endeavour to make the ICONnect accessible to all regardless of physical or cognitive impairment or the device used.

Information for blind users

  • All content and interactive elements on the page are usable with screen readers
  • Forms and inputs have been labelled so that their purpose is communicated via a screen reader
  • Pages have skip navigation links so that repeated navigation elements can be bypassed
  • Images within blog article content have alternative text provided. This replicates the image caption presented onscreen.

Information for partially-sighted and low-vision users

  • All pages have been designed so that brightness contrast levels comply with the WCAG AA standard of 4.5:1 between foreground and background colours
  • All pages can be magnified up to 400% and the page content will reflow so that all the content is presented on the page without the need for horizontal scrolling
  • There may be browser features or extensions that will support your individual needs, such as changing text size and colour, or system settings or applications that can override colours on this site
  • Adjusting monitor settings to change brightness, contrast or colour settings, or using a physical coloured monitor overlays may also provide extra support when using this site
  • Further tips and guidance for making adjustments to your computer, laptop, table or smart phone to make it easier to use can be found on the AbilityNet My Computer My Way resource.

Information for keyboard-only users

  • All elements of this site should be reachable and usable with a keyboard
  • Elements that can be used with a keyboard should display a visible focus outline when the element has been reached by the keyboard. The site will display the default outline style as determined by your browser
  • Dropdowns and expandable menus can be opened by pressing Enter. Items within the menu can then be navigated using the Tab key. Check boxes can be checked or unchecked using the space bar
  • Skip navigation links are present on the page to avoid having to tab through repeated page elements each time the page loads

Text-to-speech compatibility

Some users may benefit from listening to text. The site does not currently include an embedded text-to-speech tool. However, text-to-speech compatibility is:

  • Built into the Edge browser
  • Available as plug-ins for Chrome and Firefox browsers
  • Built into most modern digital devices such as PCs, Macs, tablets and smart phones.


The site can be navigated with both a mouse and a keyboard.


There are several dropdown menus across the site. Dropdowns in the navigation bars will open on mouse-click or by pressing Enter on a keyboard when the menu receives focus. All dropdown menus are usable with a keyboard, by tabbing to the menu and then pressing Enter/Return to open the menu. The items within each menu can be reached by pressing the Tab key, and the menus can be closed again by Shift+Tabbing back to the menu link and pressing Enter/Return, or by opening another menu, or by clicking outside of the menu with a mouse.


All links within the site are reachable and usable with a mouse and keyboard. When a link receives focus it will be outlined by your browser’s default outline style. Links can be activated with a keyboard by using the Tab key to reach the link, then pressing Enter/Return.

How accessible is ICONnect?

We are currently targeting adherence to level AA of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG 2.1), in order to help our users take full advantage of the accessibility features provided by their chosen device, web browser or operating system.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the site adheres to the AA level, we cannot guarantee full compliance of third party widgets and embeds. Please contact us if you experience any problems.

Browser and mobile device support

ICONnect is optimised for modern browsers and is responsive, meaning that the content reflows depending on the screen size and orientation of the device being used.