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Video Interview: The Constitutional Politics of Election Law in Canada Featuring Michael Pal

Richard Albert, Boston College Law School

In this installment of our video interview series at I-CONnect, I interview Michael Pal on the constitutional politics of election law, a hot topic today in Canada.

In the interview, we discuss the role of Canadian courts in policing the electoral process, the controversial recently-passed Fair Elections Act, the upcoming appeal in Frank v. Canada, and what lessons Canada can draw from the American experience in adjudicating disputes on voter eligibility and identification.

Michael Pal is an Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law. He teaches courses in constitutional law, election law, and criminal law and procedure, and writes on the comparative law of democracy and election law. A former Trudeau Foundation Scholar and a current Fellow at Mowat Centre for Policy Innovation in the School of Public Policy and governance at the University of Toronto, he holds degrees from Queen’s, Toronto and NYU.

The full interview runs 38 minutes, and is available here.


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