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  • The Indonesian Constitutional Court and the Crisis of the 2019 Presidential Election

    –Stefanus Hendrianto, Boston College After many months of speculation, the candidates for the 2019 Indonesian presidential election announced their choice of running mates on August 9, 2018. The incumbent President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, who ran on the platform of diversity and social equality, chose the 75-years-old conservative cleric Ma’ruf Amin as his running mate.

  • Special Issue on “Electoral Reform in Constitutional Democracies”

    —Richard Albert, Boston College Law School I-CONnect readers may be interested in a special issue of the peer-reviewed Election Law Journal on the subject of Electoral Reform in Constitutional Democracies, guest edited by Michael Pal (Ottawa) and me. Mike and I observed a couple of years ago that countries across the globe were undergoing major electoral reforms that would have implications for the robustness of their democratic procedures and outcomes, and that could in many cases determine whether liberal constitutionalism survives in those jurisdictions.

  • Developments in Lithuanian Constitutional Law: The Year 2015 in Review

    [Editor’s Note: This is the seventh installment in our Year-in-Review series. We welcome similar reports from scholars around the world on their own jurisdictions for publication on I-CONnect. Earlier year-in-review reports have been published on Italy, the Slovak Republic, Romania, Belgium, Sweden and the Czech Republic. 

  • Video Interview: The Constitutional Politics of Election Law in Canada Featuring Michael Pal

    —Richard Albert, Boston College Law School In this installment of our video interview series at I-CONnect, I interview Michael Pal on the constitutional politics of election law, a hot topic today in Canada. In the interview, we discuss the role of Canadian courts in policing the electoral process, the controversial recently-passed Fair Elections Act, the upcoming appeal in Frank v.

  • Can Indonesia Learn From the Thai Constitutional Court?

    —Stefanus Hendrianto, Santa Clara University School of Law The political drama of the 2014 Indonesian presidential election has ended with the recent Constitutional Court decision to reject the complaint of the defeated presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto and declare that his rival, Joko Widodo, will be the next Indonesian president.

  • Our Electoral Exceptionalism

    —Nicholas Stephanopoulos, Assistant Professor, University of Chicago In all countries that employ single-member districts (or small multimember districts), redistricting is a vital issue.  How districts are drawn influences, among other things, how competitive races will be, how many members of minority groups will be elected, and which party will control a majority in the legislature.