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Video Interview: Democratic Reform in Hong Kong Featuring Cora Chan

Richard Albert, Boston College Law School

In this installment of our new video interview series at I-CONnect, I interview Cora Chan on the subject of democratic reform in Hong Kong.

In the interview, we discuss recent developments in Hong Kong, the impetus for the current protests in Hong Kong, the constitutional relationship between Hong Kong and China, and the prospect for democratic reform in the region. I also ask her how she became interested in comparative public law.

Cora Chan is an Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Law. Her research concerns constitutional theory, human rights and public law. For her scholarship in these fields, she has been awarded the 2012 Society of Legal Scholars Best Paper Prize, the 2012-2013 University of Hong Kong Research Output Prize, and the Early Career Award from the Hong Kong’s Research Grants Council. She holds degrees from the University of Hong Kong and the University of Oxford.

The full interview runs 21 minutes, and is available here.


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