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The death penalty around the world in 2010: an empirical snapshot

Amnesty International has released figures on worldwide use of the death penalty in 2010. The U.S. clocks in at number 5 in terms of the sheer number of executions, ahead of Saudi Arabia and behind Yemen. These are absolute numbers, though, not per capita figures. The BBC has a helpful graph here. Although the article says that the use of the death penalty is continuing to fall, in the sense that the raw number of executions is decreasing, the number of countries that executed people actually went up last year.


One response to “The death penalty around the world in 2010: an empirical snapshot”

  1. AmyfromRomania> Avatar

    Dear friend, thank you for sending me your e mail with this information.
    Of course there are and there will always be debates over the animal and the spiritual nature of the human being. I cannot share with you my insignificant experience twds. the other human lives, still, i strongly believe in the Universal Declaration for the Human Rights and Amnesty International, as well.
    Still, you have no idea how well i regard the legislation in Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden and even U.S.A. And mostly, i love and strongly appreciate the laws of Switzerland and their latest decision to give anyone the freedom to stop his or her life, whenever and wherever that person wants. Still, there are conditions for the freedom in doing that, of course. Because we are all social and globalized people and we all have to apply common rules of living, in the end.
    As i am against the death penalty(but not completelly convinced on it)> my fear is there cannot be a prison, anywhere in this world, to be secure and efficient in proportion of 100% percents. While, in my opinion, the most effective punishment for someone who stopped anybody’s life, will always be the complete loneliness and complete isolation from any human being or animal, for the rest of his or her life. This will be the most severe punishment for anyone who had taken somebody else’s life. Thank you.

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