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Pakistan Supreme Court proceedings against former President Zardari; Philippines Supreme Court and cyberspeech

–David Law, Washington University, St. Louis

A couple of constitutional court news items …

— The Pakistan Supreme Court and government of Pakistan appear to be finally moving toward resolution of the Court’s efforts to quash the amnesty granted to former President Zardari and others.  The Court is attempting to clear the way for Swiss prosecutors to pursue Zardari on money-laundering charges.  After convicting former Prime Minister Gilani of contempt for refusing to send a letter to Switzerland about the charges against Zardari, the Court and the Ashraf government have finally agreed on a draft of a letter.  The Telegraph (UK) has coverage here; there is also CNN coverage and a story in the Hindustan Times.

— The Philippines Supreme Court has enjoined enforcement of a new law that would, inter alia, make online libel punishable by up to 12 years imprisonment.  The law has been enjoined on freedom of expression grounds.  Local coverage here.


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