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Special Announcement: Welcome to IberICONect from the ICONnect Team!

Richard Albert, The University of Texas at Austin, Antonia Baraggia, University of Milan, Tom Ginsburg, University of Chicago, David Landau, Florida State University, and Jaclyn Neo, National University of Singapore

We are delighted to welcome the IberICONnect blog to the world. Like ICONnect, IberICONnect advances the missions of the International Journal of Constitutional Law (ICON) and the International Society of Public Law (ICON-S), in this case in an effort to reach the vast and expanding universe of Spanish-speaking readers in the field of public law.

The two blogs have separate editorial boards – IberICONnect has a wonderful team drawn from across Latin America and Southern Europe – but related, interlinked missions. We expect to publish independent content, but also to come together frequently for joint projects and cross-posting for the benefit of our readers.

Congratulations to the new editorial board of IberICONnect—Micaela Alterio, Maria Argelia Queralt Jiménez, and Jorge Ernesto Roa Roa—for launching this exciting new resource for Spanish-speaking scholars and practitioners in public law. Congratulations, too, to the Editors-in-Chief of ICON, Joseph Weiler and Gráinne de Búrca, for all of their efforts in making it possible for IberICONnect to come to life. We are excited to witness (and participate in) the growth and success of this wonderful project!


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