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 Volume 11 Issue 3

 Table of Contents





Virgílio Afonso da Silva, Deciding without deliberating

Panu Minkkinen, Political constitutionalism vs. political constitutional theory: Law, power and politics



Symposium: Constitutional Transitions in the Middle East

Sujit Choudhry, Introduction

Mohammad Fadel, Judicial legitimacy and the Legitimacy of Islamic State Law

Clark Lombardi, Reconciling islamization and democratization

Asli Bali, Courts and Constitutional Transition: Lessons from the Turkish Case

Turkuler Isiksel, Between text and context: Turkey’s tradition of authoritarian constitutionalism

Ozan Varol, The Turkish “Model” of Civil-Military Relations


I·CON: Debate!

 Haim Sandberg, Strategic considerations behind normative explanations: Lessons from Israel’s supreme court takings case

Barak Medina, Strategic considerations behind normative explanations: A reply to Haim Sandberg

 Haim Sandberg, Strategic considerations behind normative explanations: A rejoinder to Barak Medina


I.CON Book Forum

Dennis Patterson and Alexis Galán, The limits of normative legal pluralism

Paul Schiff Berman, How legal pluralism is and is not distinct from liberalism:
A response to Dennis Patterson and Alexis Galán


Rosa M. Lastra, The Globalization Paradox. Democracy and the Future of the World Economy

Robert Howse, Further considerations on Dani Rodrik, The Globalization Paradox

Dani Rodrik, The Globalization Paradox: A response to Rosa Lastra and Robert Howse


Book Reviews

Jean L. Cohen, Globalization and Sovereignty. Rethinking Legality,
Legitimacy and Constitutionalism (Martti Koskenniemi)

Thomas Kleinlein, Konstitutionalisierung im Völkerrecht. Konstruktion und
Elemente einer idealistischen Völkerrechtslehre (Petra Dobner)

David Armitage, Foundations of Modern International Thought (Walter Rech)

Justin O. Frosini, Constitutional Preambles at a Crossroads between
Politics and Law (Ebrahim Afsah)


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