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New report on Human Dignity

We have a new report on the protection of human dignity in national constitutional texts, available in the “Reports” section of the website under the “Rights” tab, or directly here. From what we can tell, the concept first appeared in the constitutions of Finland and Estonia in 1919 and spread rapidly after its adoption as a core concept of international human rights law after World War II. Over 70% of constitutions in force in 2000 included the concept. The report contains some samples of different types of references to the dignity concept.


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  1. Grains of Peace, a peace education NGO Avatar

    1. Thank you for your statistics on human dignity. We hope that you’ll be able to produce the evolution between 2000 and 2011.

    2. It would be nice to have a website with all the constitutions online, in one document, allowing to do searches on words such as “human dignity”, “Human right to peace”, “promotion of peace”, “physical violence”, etc.
    Is that envisageable on your side on this website?

    3. We have ourselves worked on the concept of the Human right to peace in various declarations and constitional texts:
    This text also exists in French:

    4. We have also worked on the forthcoming Geneva constitution (cantonal, not national).
    (in French).

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