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New Constitution for the US?

The Revolutionary Communist Party has issued a new draft constitution for the Socialist Republic of North America. Only the preamble is available on the website; those interested in learning more will have to buy the book. The preamble itself, full of anachronistic language, is over 2700 words long, which would, according to a recent paper of mine on constitutional specificity, make it one of the longest preambles in the world if it were ever adopted. It would not be the longest preamble in history, however: that distinction belongs to the Yugoslav Constitution of 1974, which had a preamble of 6000 words, longer than 20% of all entire constitutions.

What is it with communists and preambles?



4 responses to “New Constitution for the US?”

  1. Avatar

    Not just communists. Corporatists too… compare Ireland ’37 with this gem:

    I wonder if a Randian state’s founding charter (is that a self-contradiction?) would simply begin with “Here’s the Constitution. RTFM, government!” and then launch straight to the operative sections.

  2. Tom Round Avatar
    Tom Round

    On the other hand, I wonder if the Randians would give their Constitution away for free on the web instead of saying “You want my property?! You can’t have it! (Unless you pay for it and send a stamped self-addressed envelope).”

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    While communism (and any serious form of socialism) has failed everywhere it’s been tried, these goons still push for it in the U.S. I guess that’s pretty much easy to do when you live in the comfort afforded them here instead of the squalor and poverty their proposal would soon degenerate into.

    When will they learn?

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