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Invitation to Friends of I-CONnect: Symposium on “Does Québec Need a Written Constitution?”

Richard Albert, Boston College Law School

Friends of I-CONnect are invited to attend a full-day symposium on “Does Québec Need a Written Constitution,” on Thursday, March 31, at Yale University. The program is structured around three panels and a keynote address by former Québec premier Jean Charest, whose cabinet considered codifying a constitution for the province.

There will be three panels: (1) A Québec Constitution within a Canadian Constitutional Framework; (2) Popular Sovereignty and a Québec Constitution; and (3) Comparative Perspectives on Subnational Constitutions.

Participating scholars will come from Belgium, Brazil, Canada, the Netherlands and the United States, and within Canada from Alberta, Ontario and Québec.

This symposium is generously supported by the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale, the Research Support Program on Intergovernmental Affairs and Québec Identity, and the Québec/United States University Grant Program.

More details follow below.

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