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International IDEA Report on Transition in Yemen

Richard Albert, Boston College Law School

Readers of I-CONnect will be interested in the following update we have received from Zaid Al-Ali, Senior Adviser on Constitution-Building for the Arab Region at International IDEA.

I am very pleased to share our latest report on Yemen, entitled: “Yemen’s peaceful transition from autocracy: Could it have succeeded?”. The report was written by Helen Lackner, one of the leading experts on Yemen, and was published by International IDEA last week. It is available for free download here.

The report examines all aspects of Yemen’s transition, including the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative and its Implementation Mechanism, the restructuring of the military–security apparatus, the National Dialogue Conference and the constitution-drafting process (in which a number of internationals participated, including Christina Murray, George Anderson, myself, and many others).  The report also discusses a number of related issues such as the discussions that revolved around transitional justice. The report concludes that while Yemen suffers from a number of underlying social and economic factors that will remain crucial to its development, many of the contributors to the current conflict were linked to the original design of the transition plan. In addition, the manner in which the transition was implemented by specific individuals, institutions and states reduced its chances of success. The report concludes with a series of recommendations for future reform efforts, both in Yemen and beyond.

Zaid Al-Ali

We invite readers to review this important report here.


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