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ICON’s Latest Issue: Table of Contents

Volume 19 Issue 1

Table of Contents


Afterword: Neil Walker and his Critics

Fleur Johns, The sovereignty deficit: Afterword to the Foreword by Neil Walker

George Duke, Sovereignty’s rationale: Afterword to the Foreword by Neil Walker

Nicole Roughan, Surplus or surrender? Afterword to the Foreword by Neil Walker

Lucia Rubinelli, Democracy and sovereignty: Afterword to the Foreword by Neil Walker

Neil Walker, The sovereignty surplus: A rejoinder


Giovanni De Gregorio, The rise of digital constitutionalism in the European Union

Harry Hobbs and George Williams, Micronations: A lacuna in the law

Critical Review of Governance

Melissa Loja, Recent engagement with international human rights norms by the courts of Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines

Critical Review of Jurisprudence

Po Jen Yap and Rehan Abeyratne,Judicial self-dealing and unconstitutional constitutional amendments in South Asia

Critical Review of Constitution-Making

Sergio Verdugo and Marcela Prieto, The dual aversion of Chile’s constitution-making process: Bolivarian constitutionalism and the Pinochet Constitution

Special Section: Game of Laws

Fernando César Costa Xavier, Huehue constitutionalism

Symposium: The PSPP Judgment of the Bundesverfassungsgericht

Joseph H.H. Weiler, Why Weiss? The I•CON symposium: Preface

Jürgen Basedow, Jan Dietze, Stefan Griller, Manuel Kellerbauer, Marcus Klamert, Luigi Malferrari, Tibor Scharf, Dominik Schnichels, Daniel Thym, Jonathan Tomkin, in cooperation with and co-signed by Peter Behrens, Georg Berrisch, Jan Ceyssens, Herwig Hofmann, Susanne Kalss, Katja Langenbucher, Leander D. Loacker, Till Müller-Ibold, Theo Öhlinger, Ingolf Pernice, Jessica Schmidt, Francesco Schurr, Gerd Schwendinger, Andreas von Bonin, Robin van der Hout, European Integration: Quo Vadis? A critical commentary on the PSPP judgment of the German Federal Constitutional Court of May, 5 2020

Ulrich Haltern, Revolutions, real contradictions, and the method of resolving them: The relationship between the Court of Justice of the European Union and the German Federal Constitutional Court

Karen J. Alter, When and how to legally challenge economic globalization: A comment on the German Constitutional Court’s false promise

Stefanie Egidy, Proportionality and procedure of monetary policy-making

Marco Dani, Edoardo Chiti, Joana Mendes, Agustín José Menéndez, Harm Schepel and Michael A. Wilkinson, ‘It’s the political economy..!’ A moment of truth for the Eurozone and the EU

Tom Flynn, Constitutional pluralism and loyal opposition

Review Essays

Lucas Brang, Conceptual realism and imperial nostalgia in Chinese legal historiography. Review of Gao Quanxi, Zhang Wei, Tian Feilong. Xiandai zhongguo de fazhi zhi lu [The Road to the Rule of Law in Modern China]; Zhang Yongle. Jiu bang xin zao: 1911-1917 [The Remaking of an Old Country: 1911-1917]

Erika Arban, City, State: Reflecting on Cities in (Comparative) Constitutional Law. Review of Ran Hirschl, City, State. Constitutionalism and the Megacity

Book Reviews

Hannah Birkenkötter, Review of Vijayashri Sripati, Constitution-Making Under UN Auspices. Fostering Dependency in Sovereign Lands

Silvia Steininger, Review of Antje Wiener, Contestation and Constitution of Norms in Global International Relations

Eugenie Merieau, Review of Takao Suami, Anne Peters, Dimitri Vanoverbeke, Mattias Kumm (eds), Global Constitutionalism from European and East Asian Perspectives

Darshan Datar, Review of Myriam Hunter-Henin, Why Religious Freedom Matters for Democracy: Comparative Reflections from Britain and France for a Democratic “Vivre Ensemble”


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