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ICON’s Latest Issue: Table of Contents

Volume 18 Issue 4

Table of Contents


Honor Roll of Reviewers 2020

ICONIC Interview

Ruth Rubio-Marín,Notorious RBG”: A conversation with United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Samuel Issacharoff, The corruption of popular sovereignty

Gabrielle Appleby and Anna Olijnyk, Constitutional norms: practice and perceptions

Alan Greene, Parliamentary sovereignty and the locus of constituent power in the United Kingdom

Andrea Katz, Taming the prince: Bringing presidential emergency powers under law in Colombia

Critical Review of Governance

Danwood Chirwa, Constitutional rights, horizontality and the Ugandan Constitution: An example of emerging norms and practices in Africa

Critical Review of Jurisprudence

Sofia Charvel and Fernanda Cobo Armijo, Mexican apex judiciary and its multiple interpretations: Challenges for the constitutional right to health

Symposium: Peace Processes and Constitution-making: Comparative Perspectives on Conflict Resolution and Constitutionalism

Melissa Crouch, Introduction

Mark Tushnet and Beatriz Botero Arcila, Conceptualizing the role of courts in peace processes

David Landau, The causes and consequences of a judicialized peace process in Colombia

Jeremy Webber, Federalism’s radical potential

Melissa Crouch, Peace processes, federalism and constitution-making: Constitutional touchstones in the debate on peace agreements and constitutional reform in Myanmar

Tarik Olcay and Asli Ozcelik, (Un)constitutional Change Rooted in Peace Agreements

Moeen Cheema and Farooq Yousaf, Constitutionalizing a perpetual transition: The integration of the Pashtun “tribal areas” in Pakistan

I.CON: Debate!

Stephen Gardbaum, Comparative political process theory

Replies to Stephen Gardbaum

Michaela Hailbronner, Political process review: Beyond distrust.

Roberto Gargarella, From “democracy and distrust” to a contextually situated dialogic theory

Tom Gerald Daly, Charting a way forward? Post-juristocracy, democratic decay, and the limits of Gardbaum’s valuable theory

Aileen Kavanagh, Comparative political process theory

Rosalind Dixon, A new comparative political process theory?  

Richard Pildes, Political process theory and institutional realism

Stephen Gardbaum, Comparative political process theory: A rejoinder

Book Review Symposium

David Abraham, Citizenship and justice: Comments on Dimitry Kochenov’s Citizenship

Yasemin Nuhoglu Soysal, Citizenship’s double-edged sword: Locating liberalism and illiberalism in citizenship

Ashley Mantha-Hollands and Liav Orgad, Citizenship at a crossroad

Dimitry Vladimirovich Kochenov, Ending the passport apartheid. The alternative to citizenship is no citizenship—A reply

Book Reviews

Congyan Cai, Review of Maria Adele Carrai, Sovereignty in China: A Genealogy of a Concept Since 1840

Tom Ginsburg, Review of Robert Hazell & Bob Morris, eds., The Role of Monarchy in Modern Democracy: European Monarchies Compared

Raphael Lorenzo A. Pangalangan, Review of Dian A. H. Shah, Constitutions, Religion, and Politics in Asia: Malaysia, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka

Stefan Salomon, Review of Ayelet Shachar, The Shifting Border: Legal Cartographies of Migration and Mobility


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