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Volume 16 Issue 4

Table of Contents


Honor Roll of Reviewers 2018


David McGrogan, The population and the individual: The human rights audit as the governmentalization of global human rights governance

Aylin Aydin-Cakir, The impact of judicial preferences and political context on constitutional court decisions: Evidence from Turkey

Donald Bello Hutt, Measuring popular and judicial deliberation: A critical comparison

Symposium: Law, polity and the legacy of statehood

Neil Walker, Cormac Mac Amhlaigh and Claudio Michelon, Law, polity and the legacy of statehood: An introduction

Martin Loughlin, The state: Conditio sine qua non

Kaarlo Tuori, Whose voluntas, what ratio? Law in the state tradition  

Nils Jansen, Law and political domination: historical observations, conceptual reflections, and some questions for discussion

Chris Thornhill, On misunderstanding states: The transnational constitution in the national constitution

Olivier Beaud, Federation and empire: About a conceptual distinction of political forms

Bardo Fassbender, The state’s unabandoned claim to be the center of the legal universe

Nicole Roughan, Polities and relative authorities

Nico Krisch, Law and polity: Contingency, fiction, loss

Euan MacDonald, Counterproductive constitutionalization

George Letsas, Law and polity: Some philosophical preliminaries

R. A. Duff, Criminal law and political community

Christiane C. Wendehorst, Perspectives of the law and legal disembedding

Critical Review of Governance

Stéphane Mechoulan, The case against the face-veil: A European perspective

Critical Review of Jurisprudence

Matthew J. Nelson and Dian A. H. Shah, Operationalizing and regulating religious freedom: Apostasy and administrative “reasonableness” in Malaysia and beyond

Marina Aksenova and Iryna Marchuk, Reinventing or rediscovering international law? The Russian Constitutional Court’s uneasy dialogue with the European Court of Human Rights

Book reviews

Samuel Moyn. Not Enough:  Human Rights in an Unequal World (Gráinne de Búrca)

Tom Ginsburg & Aziz Z. Huq. How to Save a Constitutional Democracy (András Jakab)

Tom Gerald Daly. The Alchemists. Questioning our Faith in Courts as Democracy-Builders (Sergio Verdugo)

Gunter Frankenberg. Comparative Constitutional Studies: Between Magic and Deceit (Gautam Bhatia)

Anthea Roberts. Is International Law International? (Colm O’Cinneide)

Jelena von Achenbach. Demokratische Gesetzgebung in der Europäischen Union. Theorie und Praxis der dualen Legitimationsstruktur europäischer Hoheitsgewalt [Democratic Legitimacy and the Legislative Procedures of the European Union] (Lars Viellechner)

Walter Scheidel. The Great Leveler. Violence and the History of Inequality from the Stone Age to the Twenty-First Century (Konstantin Chatziathanasiou)


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