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 Volume 15 Issue 1

 Table of Contents


I.CON Focus: Between International and Constitutional Law

Oddný Mjöll Arnardóttir, The “procedural turn” under the European Convention on Human Rights and presumptions of Convention compliance

Eyal Benvenisti & Alon Harel, Embracing the tension between national and international human rights law: The case for discordant parity

Gregory Messenger, The public–private distinction at the World Trade Organization: Fundamental challenges to determining the meaning of “public body”

Mario Mendez, Constitutional review of treaties: Lessons for comparative constitutional design and practice


Robert Schertzer, Federal arbiters as facilitators: Towards an integrated federal and judicial theory for diverse states

George Papuashvili, Post-World War I comparative constitutional developments in Central and Eastern Europe

Stephen Gardbaum, Revolutionary constitutionalism

I.CON: Debate!

Maria Cahill, Theorizing subsidiarity: Towards an ontology-sensitive approach

Gareth Davies, Theorizing subsidiarity: A reply to Maria Cahill

Maria Cahill, Theorizing subsidiarity: A rejoinder to Gareth Davies

Critical Review of Governance

Ayelet Berman, Taking foreign interests into account: Rulemaking in the US and EU

Editors’ Choice of Books 2016

Richard Albert, Lech Garlicki, Tom Ginsburg

 Book Reviews

Po Jen Yap, Constitutional Dialogue in Common Law Asia (Wen-Chen Chang)

Damian Chalmers, Markus Jachtenfuchs & Christian Joerges. The End of the Eurocrats’ Dream: Adjusting to European Diversity (Maja Savevska)


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