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 Volume 13 Issue 1

 Table of Contents


I·CON Keynote

Dieter Grimm, The role of fundamental rights after sixty-five years of constitutional jurisprudence in Germany


Arthur Dyevre, Technocracy and distrust: Revisiting the rationale for constitutional review

Yan Lin, Constitutional evolution through legislation: The quiet transition of China’s Constitution

Theunis Roux, American ideas abroad: Comparative implications of US Supreme Court decision-making models

Constitutionalism in Central and Eastern Europe

Michel Rosenfeld, Wojciech Sadurski and Roberto Toniatti, Central and Eastern European constitutionalism a quarter century after the fall of the Berlin Wall: Introduction to the Symposium

Anna Śledzińska-Simon, Constitutional identity in 3D: A model of individual, relational, and collective self and its application in Poland

Piotr Szwedo, Global administrative law through the Polish lens: From practice to theory

Jiří Přibáň, The semantics of constitutional sovereignty in post-sovereign “new” Europe: A case study of the Czech Constitutional Court’s jurisprudence

Armen Mazmanyan, Judicialization of politics: The post-Soviet way

Bojan Bugarič, A crisis of constitutional democracy in post-communist Europe: “Lands in-between” democracy and authoritarianism

Vlad Perju, The Romanian double executive and the 2012 constitutional crisis

Renáta Uitz, Can you tell when an illiberal democracy is in the making? An appeal to comparative constitutional scholarship from Hungary

Book Review Debate

Lorenzo Zucca, Why (constitutional) law matters

Alon Harel, Why (constitutional) law matters: A reply to Lorenzo Zucca 

Editors’ Choice of Books 2014

Book Reviews

Özgür Heval Çınar, The Right to Conscientious Objection to Military Service and Turkey’s Obligations under International Human Rights Law (Etham Çoban)

Jessica Green, Rethinking Private Authority: Agents and Entrepreneurs in Global Environmental Governance; Axel Marx, Miet Maertens, Johan Swinnen & Jan Wouters (eds). Private Standards and Global Governance: Economic, Legal, and Political Perspectives (Elizabeth Acorn)


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