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 Volume 12 Issue 4

 Table of Contents


I.CON Keynote

Brigid Laffan, The state of our unsettled Union

I.CON: Debate!

Luc B. Tremblay, An egalitarian defense of proportionality-based balancing

Matthias Klatt, An egalitarian defense of proportionality-based balancing: A reply to Luc B. Tremblay

Luc B. Tremblay, An egalitarian defense of proportionality-based balancing: A rejoinder to Matthias Klatt


Christina Eckes, How the European Parliament’s participation in international relations affects the deep tissue of the EU’s power structures

Marek Szydlo, Judicial review of decisions made by national regulatory authorities: Towards a more coherent application of EU sector-specific regulation

Violeta Beširević, “Governing without judges”: The politics of the Constitutional Court in Serbia

Armin von Bogdandy, Common principles for a plurality of orders: A study on public authority in the European legal area

Stephen Nayak-Young, Delimiting the proper bounds of the “New Legal Realism”

Han-Ru Zhou, A contextual defense of “comparative constitutional common law”

Review Essay

Jasper Finke, Concepts, hybridization, principles, and the rule of law: New literature on international monetary and financial law

Book Reviews

Isabel V. Hull. A Scrap of Paper: Breaking and Making International Law during the Great War (Umut Özsu)

Tony Prosser. The Economic Constitution (Klaus Tuori)

Theunis Roux. The Politics of Principle: The first South African Constitutional Court, 1995–2005 (Athanasia Hadjigeorgiou)

Popova, Maria. Politicized Justice in Emerging Democracies: A Study of Courts in Russia and Ukraine (Raul A. Sanchez Urribarri)


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