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I-CONnect Symposium on “Constitutional Boundaries”

Richard Albert, The University of Texas at Austin

This week, I-CONnect will host an online symposium on “Constitutional Boundaries,” the subject of a Workshop convened by Farrah Ahmed (Melbourne), Adam Perry (Oxford) and me at Melbourne Law School with the support of Allen Myers Oxford-MLS Research Partnership. In addition to the Workshop, the Research Partnership funded a stay in Melbourne for Adam Perry and me to collaborate on a paper with Farrah Ahmed. That paper, entitled “Judging Constitutional Conventions,” is now forthcoming in the International Journal of Constitutional Law. It is available here in its original form, prior to substantial revisions that have since been made.

The online symposium will feature short posts from the following scholars, in addition to a jointly-authored post by Farrah Ahmed, Adam Perry and me:

1. N.W. Barber
Professor of Constitutional Law and Theory
Trinity College
Oxford University

2. Jeff King
Professor of Law
Faculty of Laws
University College London

3. Janet McLean
Professor of Law
Faculty of Law
The University of Auckland

4. Peter C. Oliver
Vice Dean and Professor
Common Law Section, Faculty of Law
University of Ottawa

5. Adrienne Stone
Kathleen Fitzpatrick Australian Laureate Fellow, Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor
Director of the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies
The University of Melbourne, Melbourne Law School

6. Lael K Weis
Senior Lecturer
The University of Melbourne, Melbourne Law School

The Workshop focused on questions relating to where the boundaries of constitutions are drawn, and the normative and legal significance of these boundaries. We hope that readers will find the upcoming posts interesting and provocative, and also useful for their own research.


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