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A sad postscript to the Ugandan High Court anti-gay hate speech ruling

A sad postscript to the Ugandan High Court ruling against the Ugandan tabloid “Rolling Stone” (no relation to the American magazine) that had outed gays and urged that they be killed, discussed previously on this blog here and here. The three named plaintiffs in the case, all very brave gay rights advocates, had argued that the newspaper article in question exposed them to the threat of violence, and the High Court agreed. One of the plaintiffs, David Kato, was recently bludgeoned to death. The actual ruling in the case of Kasha Jacqueline, Pepe Onziema & David Kato v. Giles Muhame and The Rolling Stone Publications Ltd.–which, as noted previously, relies upon a subsequently reversed Saskatchewan Court of King’s Bench decision–is available here; coverage of Kato’s death, courtesy of the Guardian, is here.


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