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Gabriella M. Racca, University of Turin

Since 2015, I-CONnect and IUS Publicum Network Review have partnered to deepen the study of comparative public law and to enhance its online coverage.

The IUS Publicum Network Review is a network of the national leading public and administrative law journals in Europe, whose aim is to track and interpret the evolution of public law in each country involved, pointing out its influences on the construction of an administrative and public European law and its connections with other legal cultures.

Moreover, the Ius Publicum Network Review has started the circulation of internal Call for Papers on different topics such as multilevel governance and emergency, smart city, digitalization, cultural heritage, and the circular economy.

The online review publishes online contributions in open access on politematic Issues.

We will be glad to receive emails from scholars and academics interested in publishing on these and other different topics. To have contact us, please send an email to:

Issue 1-2020 of the IUS Publicum Network Review is now online. The articles and the reports are available at the links below. 


1. Romain Mertens | Freedom of religion and freedom of demonstration during the Covid-19 pandemic: a comparative analysis of administrative case law in France and Belgium
2. Jamie Grace | UK human rights challenges in the time of Covid-19
3. Luigi Previti | Regulation issues of algorithmic administrative decisions: looking for an Italian legislative model


4. European Law, Comparative Law, Constitutional Law and International Law – Human Rights | ENG: Peter Bußjäger, Mathias Eller , Alice Meier, Central or Regional Corona-Management? A Journey Through Time in The Jungle of Ordinances

Issue 2-2019 is also complete. The articles and the reports are available at the links below.


1. Roberto Cavallo Perin | 2020 Pandemic: Emergency decrees and ordinances
2. Mathias Amilhat | Classification of public contracts in the context of national laws
3. Livia Lorenzoni | The risk of corruption in urban planning
4. Valentina De Gregorio, Giulia Parola, Arianna Porrone, Margherita Paola Poto, Apostolos Tsiouvalas | Inclusion, coexistence, and resilience: the new frontiers of environmental law encoded in the genes of indigenous law


5. Public Contracts | FRA: Nicolas GABAYET, Les principes du droit des contrats publics en France


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