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The 2020 International Review of Constitutional Reform | Open Access

Richard Albert, Professor of World Constitutions and Director of Constitutional Studies, The University of Texas at Austin

We are pleased to announce the open-access publication of the inaugural edition of The International Review of Constitutional Reform (ISBN: 978-1-7374527-0-6), the first global scholarly effort to gather jurisdictional reports on all forms of constitutional revision around the world over the past year. Each report–authored by scholars and judges, often in collaboration–explains and contextualizes events in constitutional reform in a given jurisdiction.

In order to facilitate cross-jurisdictional comparison, all reports follow the same format, beginning with a discussion of failed and successful reforms, the scope of reforms and constitutional control, and a look ahead to future challenges.

The IRC will help deepen our understanding of constitutional change in the world, it will make constitutional knowledge freely accessible to all, and it will contribute to decolonizing constitutional studies by expanding the universe of jurisdictions under study beyond the ten or so jurisdictions that ordinarily feature all-too-prominently in comparative scholarship.

The IRCR is a joint initiative of the Program on Constitutional Studies at the University of Texas at Austin in partnership with the International Forum on the Future of Constitutionalism. The book is co-edited by Justice Prof. Dr. Luís Roberto Barroso and me, along with an outstanding team of Associate Editors: Giulia Andrade, Elisa Boaventura, Bruno Cunha, Matheus Depieri, Júlia Frade, and Pedro Martins.


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