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Special Announcement–2016 Global Review of Constitutional Law–Coming Tomorrow

Richard Albert, Boston College Law School

We are pleased to announce that I-CONnect has partnered with the Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy to bring you a first-of-its-kind resource on the state of constitutional law around the world.

The I-CONnect-Clough Center 2016 Global Review of Constitutional Law will feature reports on constitutional law developments from 44 countries around the world ranging from Germany to India, from Finland and Zambia.

We aspire to cover the entire world in this annual series. We continue to grow, and we invite scholars and jurists from our non-covered jurisdictions to join us next year. More details to come tomorrow, when we will publish the first edition of the Global Review of Constitutional Law.

For now, we thank Vlad Perju at the Clough Center for partnering with us, and we also thank all of our contributors–scholars and jurists–each of whom we will recognize tomorrow.


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