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South African Art Controversy, and International Law Ruling

South Africa is currently preoccupied with a controversy regarding a painting of its President that is on display in a gallery. The painting appears to show President Zuma in a Lenin-like pose with his genitals hanging out of his pants. Zuma has sought a court injunction banning display of the painting because it supposedly insults his dignity and privacy. Zuma, however, has several wives, has fathered at least 22 children, and was once accused but aquitted of sexual assault charges. For a detailed analysis of the constitutional issues raised by the injunction request, see On another note, the South African North Gauteng High Court recently issued a ruling that received global media attention. The court said that South Africa must investigate and possibly prosecute high ranking Zimbabwean politicians for crimes against humanity, even though the ANC government does not want to. This important human rights ruling can be found at and_Another_v_National_Director_of_Public_Prosecutions_and_Others


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