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Publication Announcement: Research Handbook on Global Administrative Law

I-CONnect is pleased to announce the publication of the Research Handbook on Global Administrative Law, edited by Prof. Sabino Cassese, founding president of ICON-S, the International Society of Public Law.

The book will be of great interest to scholars of comparative public law. Here is more from the publisher:

The Handbook explores the main themes and topics of the emerging field of Global Administrative Law with contributions by leading scholars and experts from universities and organizations around the world. The variety of the subjects addressed and the internationality of the Handbook’s perspectives make for a truly global and multi-dimensional view of the field.

The book first examines the growth of global administrations, their interactions within global networks, the emergence of a global administrative process, and the development of the rule of law and democratic principles at a global level. It goes on to illustrate the relationship between global law and other legal orders, with particular attention to regional systems and national orders. The final section, devoted to the emergence of a global legal culture, brings the book full circle by identifying the growth of a global epistemic community.

The Research Handbook on Global Administrative Law provides a contemporary overview of the nascent field in detailed yet accessible terms, making it a valuable book for university courses. Academics and scholars with an interest in international law, administrative law, public law, and comparative law will find value in this book, as well as legal professionals involved with international and supranational organizations and national civil servants dealing with supranational organizations.

More information on the Handbook, published by Edward Elgar, is available on the website of the IRPA, the Institute for Research on Public Administration, founded in 2004 by Prof. Cassese and other Italian professors of administrative law.

Congratulations to Prof. Cassese on this new and important book!



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