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Now Available: The 2018 Global Review of Constitutional Law

Richard Albert, The University of Texas at Austin, and David Landau, Florida State University

I·CONnect is pleased to partner with the Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy to bring you the third edition of the I·CONnect-Clough Center Global Review of Constitutional Law. The report may be downloaded here for free.

This 2018 edition of the Global Review of Constitutional Law includes reports from 65 jurisdictions. The reports offer a detailed but relatively brief overview of constitutional developments and cases in the past calendar year. This year’s coverage has grown from the 61 jurisdictions covered last year.

The reports are authored by scholars or judges, and sometimes both together as part of a team.

From the beginning, our objective for this first-of-its-kind volume has been to offer readers systematic knowledge that has previously been limited mainly to local networks. By making this information available to the larger field of public law in an easily digestible format, we aim to increase the base of knowledge upon which scholars and judges can draw. We expect to repeat the project every year with new annual reports, and we hope over time that coverage will grow to an even wider range of countries. We invite scholars and jurists from the presently non-covered jurisdictions to contact us about contributing a report in next year’s Global Review.

We are immensely grateful to the Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy at Boston College, directed by Professor Vlad Perju, for partnering with us in this project. Since becoming its Director, Vlad Perju has transformed the Clough Center into a leading site in the English-speaking world for the study of constitutions and constitutionalism. We thank him for sharing our vision of the possibilities for this annual volume, and for all he has done to nurture this collaboration with the care and support that he has invested in the many other successful projects he has innovated in his capacity as Director of the Clough Center and as a scholar of legal theory, EU law, and comparative public law.

We give great thanks to our many distinguished country authors for producing their informative and insightful reports.

We thank our co-editors Pietro Faraguna and Simon Drugda for their instrumental role in making this Global Review a success.

We thank also Gaurie Pandey, Manager of Creative Services at the Center for Centers, for creating a truly fabulous design for this volume from cover to cover.

Finally, we thank Gráinne de Búrca and Joseph Weiler, Co-Editors-in-Chief of I·CON, for accepting our recommendation to publish some of these outstanding contributions in a recent issue of I·CON.

We invite comments and inquiries to either of us via email at

The 2018 Global Review of Constitutional Law is available for free here.


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