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Ius Publicum Network Review | Call for Submissions after ICON·S 2021 Mundo Conference

Gabriella M. Racca, University of Turin

After the great success of the ICON·S 2021 Mundo Conference “The Future of Public Law”, the IUS Publicum Network Review invites professors, academics, researchers and scholars who are interested in publishing the paper they presented at the ICON·S 2021 Mundo Conference, to submit it for review and publication. Papers may be submitted by email to:

The IUS Publicum Network Review is a network founded by the Board of Directors of Die VerwaltungDiritto amministrativoPublic LawRevista de administración pública and Revue française de droit administratif, with the aim of following the evolution of Public Law in each country involved, highlighting its influences on the development of Administrative and Public European Law and its connections with other legal cultures.

The International Journal of  Constitutional Law and the Diritto Pubblico joined the network in 2015.

The Ius Publicum Network Review is available online for free and all contributions are published in open access on polythematic issues.


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