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Invitation to Friends of I-CONnect: The Limits and Legitimacy of Referendums

Richard Albert, Boston College Law School

Friends of I-CONnect are invited to attend a symposium that Richard Stacey and I have organized at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law on September 22-23, 2017 on the subject of “The Limits and Legitimacy of Referendums.”

A limited number of seats are open to faculty and graduate students with research interests on the subject of the symposium. To register your interest in attending this program, please click here.

Papers will be given by Antoni Abat Ninet (Copenhagen), Richard Albert (BC), Carlos Bernal (Constitutional Court of Colombia), Zachary Elkins (Texas), Mattias Kumm (NYU and Humboldt), Janna Promislow (Thompson Rivers), Richard Stacey (Toronto) and Stephen Tierney (Edinburgh)

The discussants are Jacques Bertrand (Toronto), Jamie Cameron (Osgoode), Yasmin Dawood (Toronto), David Dyzenhaus (Toronto), Ran Hirschl (Toronto), Courtney Jung (Toronto), Neil Nevitte (Toronto) and David Schneiderman (Toronto).

This program is generously supported by the Faculty of Law and the Centre for Ethics at the University of Toronto.


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