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Invitation to Friends of I-CONnect: Symposium on “The War on Japan’s Pacifist Constitution”

Richard Albert, Boston College Law School

Friends of I-CONnect are invited to attend a symposium on “The War on Japan’s Pacifist Constitution,” to be held at the University of Tokyo on December 17-18, 2016.

The program will feature keynote addresses by Yoichi Higuchi (University of Tokyo/Japan Academy) and Sanford Levinson (University of Texas-Austin).

Symposium participants include Tsunemasa Arikawa (Nihon University), Wen-chen Chang (National Taiwan University), Akiko Ejima (Meiji University), Shohei Eto (Sophia University), Stephen Gardbaum (University of California-Los Angeles), Tom Ginsburg (University of Chicago), Yasuo Hasebe (Waseda University), Masaki Ina (International Christian University), Kenji Ishikawa (University of Tokyo), Norikazu Kawagishi (Waseda University), Satofumi Kawamura (University of Tokyo/Komaba), Keigo Komamura (Keio University), Tokujin Matsudaira (Kanagawa University), Koichi Nakano (Sophia University), Konatsu Nishigai (Tokyo Metropolitan University), Gregory Noble (University of Tokyo), Susumu Shimazono (Sophia University) and Mayu Terada (International Christian University) and Richard Albert (Boston College).

This program is presented by ICON-S: The International Society of Public Law, UTCP: The Center of Philosophy at the University of Tokyo, and Re:DEMOS.

For more information, please contact Professor Shohei Eto at shoheieto [at]




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