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Invitation to Friends of I-CONnect: Conference on “The Future of Liberal Democracy” at the University of Texas Law School

Richard Albert, William Stamps Farish Professor of Law, The University of Texas at Austin

Along with my faculty colleague Sanford Levinson, I am hosting an international conference on The Future of Liberal Democracy, later this week here at the University of Texas at Austin. All are invited to attend.

The program will feature many members of the International Society of Public Law, including a current Co-President, a former Co-President, and the current Deputy Secretary-General, in addition to many regular attendees at the ICON-S Annual Conference.

The conference is prompted by the observation that liberal democracy is under attack in many countries across the globe and under stress in several others. Thirty scholars from around the world will gather to diagnose what ails liberal democracy and also to discuss what can be done to save it.

Panelists will examine the erosion of constraints executive power, the growing practice of constitutional replacement by constitutional amendment, as well as legal and political strategies for managing difference and diversity. In addition, panelists will discuss two questions: (1) Is the Trump phenomenon an instance of American exceptionalism or is it part of larger global trend?; and (2) Is illiberal constitutionalism an oxymoron?

The full program is available here. The list of participants is available here. And details on travel and accommodation are available here.

All are welcome to attend.


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