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Video Now Available — ICON•S Live Event — The Gendered Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Public Law Scholarship, Perspectives and Values

–The Editors

COVID-19 has inflicted serious damage on the health, social and economic well-being of citizens worldwide. But that damage has not been evenly distributed: it has affected some countries and regions far more than others, and has had distinctly racialized and gendered impacts. In this webinar, we focus in particular on the gendered impacts of the pandemic – on its impact on the capacity to combine care and work, and the resulting gendered impacts in public law scholarship. At the same time, we consider the ways in which the pandemic has created new ways of thinking about work, especially flexible work, which open up the possibilities of a new more gender-equal society, economy and academy. The webinar will feature a panel discussion led by Grainne de Burca and Rosalind Dixon, and which draws on the diverse perspectives of leading female-identifying members of the Society, as well as experts on gender and economic policy, including Michaela Hailbronner, Ruth Rubio Marin, Marcela Prieto Rudolphy, Iyiola Solanke, Betsey Stevenson and Julie Suk.


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