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ICON-S/Koc/BC Workshop on Unamendable Constitutional Provisions

Richard Albert, Boston College Law School

Yesterday, the International Society of Public Law (ICON-S) hosted a workshop on unamendable constitutional provisions in partnership with Koc University Law School and Boston College Law School. The event was held on the picturesque campus of Koc University in Istanbul, and sponsored generously by Professor Bertil Emrah Oder, Dean of Koc Law School and an expert in comparative constitutional law, European Union law and international human rights law.

The workshop explored the concept of unamendability, a reference to constitutional provisions or principles that are in theory or practice, or both, impervious to formal and/or informal change. Papers for the event explored the democratic foundations of unamendable constitutional provisions, the rise of new forms of unamendability, as well as comparative, doctrinal, economic, historical and theoretical perspectives on the subject. The full program follows further below.

This workshop was held just a few weeks before the 2015 mega-conference of ICON-S, which is scheduled for July 1-3 on the campus of New York University School of Law. Many of the workshop participants are scheduled to attend. It is not too late to register here to attend the conference.

ICON-S will host other workshops and symposia during the year before and after its annual summer mega-conference. Details will soon be announced for ICON-S programs in Brazil, India, Ireland and New Zealand.


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