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German President Resigns

In a historically unprecedented step, German President Horst Köhler resigned today. The apparent cause for his resignation is criticism over statements he made in connection with German military involvement in Afghanistan. Pursuant to Article 57 of the Basic Law, the president of the state chamber (Bundesrat) will take over his duties.


2 responses to “German President Resigns”

  1. JensMueller Avatar

    … and a new president must be elected within 30 days.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    My personal situation and my documents prove:
    a). numerous group infringements of my human rights and the basic freedoms by authorities the several states – Germany, Russia and Finland ;
    b). double standards in questions of the human rights defense by personally A. Merkel, by the president of Germany H. Köhler , their subordinates, the authorities and “defenders of human rights” of Russia, the authorities and “defenders of human rights” of Russia…
    c). It also proves the German and Russian authorities` cruelty, nationalism and corruption .
    You can look through all my official documents on the Internet – where they are placed in open access for all at the next address – .

    I will be grateful for any help аnd councils !

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