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Comparative Public Law Panels at the AALS Annual Meeting

This weekend, the AALS will host its Annual Meeting in New York City.

I have organized a full-day symposium on “Comparative Constitutional Change: New Perspectives on Formal and Informal Amendment,” scheduled for Sunday, January 5, from 8:30am to 5:00pm at the conference hotel. All are welcome to attend, though registration is required. You may also register on-site. Registration details are available here:

The full Symposium program follows below:

8:30-8:40am–Introductory Remarks: Richard Albert (Boston College)

8:45-10:15am–Panel 1: Constitutional Interpretation as Constitutional Change
1. James Fleming (Boston University): Fidelity and Change in Constitutional Interpretation
2. Ran Hirschl (University of Toronto): The Politics of Foreign Citations in Discordant Constitutional Settings
3. Samuel Issacharoff (New York University): Constitutions and Constitutional Courts in Fragile Democracies
4. Moderator: Carlos Bernal-Pulido (Macquarie University)

10:30am-12:00pm–Panel 2: Structural Constitutional Change
1. Richard Albert (Boston College): Constitutional Amendment by Constitutional Desuetude
2. Stephen Gardbaum (UCLA): Separation of Powers and the Growth of Judicial Review in Established Democracies (or Why has the Model of Legislative Supremacy Mostly been Withdrawn from Sale?)
3. Sanford Levinson (University of Texas): The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: The Limits of Non-Article V Theories of Constitutional Amendment (and What Might be Learned from American State Constitutions)
4. Moderator: Carlos Bernal-Pulido (Macquarie University)

1:30-3:00pm–Panel 3: The Forms and Limits of Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments
1. Rosalind Dixon (University of New South Wales) & David Landau (Florida State University): Transnational Constitutionalism and Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments
2. Kim Lane Scheppele (Princeton University): Can a Constitution be Unconstitutional?
3. Mark Tushnet (Harvard University): Constituent Power and Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments (suggested title)
4. Moderator: Joel Colón-Ríos (Victoria University of Wellington)

3:15pm-4:45pm–Panel 4: Difficulty and Rigidity in Constitutional Amendment
1. Richard Albert (Boston College): Amending Constitutional Amendment Rules
2. Tom Ginsburg (University of Chicago): The Challenges of Measuring Amendment Difficulty
3. Vicki Jackson (Harvard University): The Myth of Impossibility of Amendment
4. Moderator: Joel Colón-Ríos (Victoria University of Wellington)

4:45pm-5:00pm–Closing Remarks: Ozan Varol (Lewis & Clark)

The Annual Meeting will also feature panels broadly related to the subject of comparative public law.

1. AALS Section on Comparative Law
Friday, January 3, 8:30-10:15am

Works-in-Progress Program in Comparative Law

Co-Moderators: Fernanda Nicola (American University) and Intisar Rabb (Harvard)
Aditi Bagchi (Fordham)
Daniela Caruso (Boston University)
Mathilde Cohen (UCONN)
William E. Forbath (Texas)
Martin Gelter (Fordham)
Genevieve Helleringer (Oxford)
Julie C. Suk (Cardozo)
Darren Rosenblum (Pace)
Peer Zumbansen (Osgoode)

2. AALS Sections on Africa & Law and South Asian Studies Joint Program
Saturday, January 4, 10:305am-12:15pm

Constitutional Conflict and Development: Perspectives from South Asia and Africa

Moderator: Matthew H. Charity (Western New England)
Stephen J. Ellmann (New York Law School)
Gedion Timothewos Hessebon (Central European University)
Manoj Mate (Whittier)
David Mednicoff (University of Massachusetts–Amherst)
Nathan Willis (Southern Cross)

3. AALS Sections on Comparative Law & State and Local Government Law Join Program

Comparative Urban Governance

Panel I
The City in Global, International, and Comparative Settings

Moderaor: Sheila R. Foster (Fordham)
Richard T. Ford (Stanford)
James A. Kushner (Southwestern)
Daniel B. Rodriguez (Northwestern)
Saskia Sessen (Columbia)
Nadav Shoked (Northwestern)

Panel II
Comparative Perspectives on Urban Governance, Development, and Sustainability

Moderator: Fernanda Nicola (American)
Matt Glasser (World Bank)
Priya Gupta (Southwestern)
Andrea Loretta McArdle (City University of New York)


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