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Commemorating the 15th Anniversary of the Quebec Secession Reference

Richard Albert, Boston College Law School

Last semester here at Boston College, we welcomed a distinguished panel to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Quebec Secession Reference.

Former Canadian Supreme Court Justice Frank Iacobucci shared his unique perspective on the reference as a member of the Court that issued the ruling, Osgoode Hall Law School Professor Jamie Cameron provided an informative and critical doctrinal perspective on the reference, and Yale Law School Professor Robert Burt offered a comparative perspective on the reference, drawing a fascinating connection to Brown v. Board of Education.

The panel discussion was video recorded and is now available for viewing here. (The first speaker begins at 6:15.) The event was hosted by the Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy at Boston College Law School.

The Quebec Secession Reference is an advisory opinion issued in 1998 by the Supreme Court of Canada on the lawfulness of Quebec’s unilateral secession from Canada under domestic and international law.



2 responses to “Commemorating the 15th Anniversary of the Quebec Secession Reference”

  1. Alice Pleasance Avatar
    Alice Pleasance

    Will this be on cpac, or youtube? I hope it will be filmed, and a transcript made available, and copies of handouts perhaps pdf’d and placed online.

    I’m in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and tied up on that date. I would very much appreciate the wisdom of Justice Iacobucci on the subject. And the observations of Professor Jamie Cameron.


    1. Richard Albert Avatar

      Thank you for your interest, Alice. Here is a link to the video:

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