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Announcement–New Oxford Series in Comparative Constitutionalism–Book Proposals Welcome

Richard Albert, The University of Texas at Austin

Oxford University Press has created an exciting Series in Comparative Constitutionalism, a new home for scholarly books in public law focused on the study of constitutionalism. The new Series is co-edited by Robert Schütze and me.

Robert and I are delighted to announce that we have contracted our first three books in the Series, one each to be authored separately by Ran Hirschl (Toronto), Bui Ngoc Son (NUS), and Wojciech Sadurski (Sydney).

The new Series welcomes complete proposals as well as preliminary inquiries. A proposal should include a working title, a narrative exposition of the ideas to be developed, a detailed table of contents, a chapter-by-chapter description of the ground you will cover, and a discussion of the competing and related scholarship. A proposal should also include an anticipated manuscript delivery date, an estimated word count, and an indication of the percentage of the book that will have been published elsewhere, for instance in a legal periodical. Ultimately, a proposal should situate your claim(s) within the existing literature and explain the scholarly contribution you will make in your book. A curriculum vitae and two draft chapters from your proposed book will also assist in the consideration of your proposal. For any formal or informal inquiries please contact the Series editors by email at richard.albert [at] and robert.schuetze [at] or OUP commissioning editor Jamie Berezin at jamie.berezin [at]

The mission of this new Series is to publish public law scholarship of the highest caliber by scholars of all academic ranks. The series is, above all, comparative in nature: we aim to publish outstanding monographs (and on exceptional occasions edited collections) that enrich our comparative understanding of constitutional doctrine, norms, practices, or systems. The series’ comparative focus on the study of constitutionalism does not foreclose single-jurisdiction studies. The series, importantly, takes a broad view of what is constitutional: instead of the classic focus on the nation state, we consciously wish to integrate local, national, regional, and global phenomena into its scope. We aspire to feature the very best doctrinal, historical, sociological, and theoretical inquiries within this domain of comparative constitutionalism.

The new Series is supported by an Advisory Board of six scholars representing the richness and diversity of our field: Denis Baranger (Paris II), Wen-Chen Chang (NTU), Roberto Gargarella (Torcuato di Tella), Vicki Jackson (Harvard), Christoph Möllers (Humboldt) and Cheryl Saunders (Melbourne).

We look forward to receiving your book proposals.


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