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  • Constitutional Court confirmation politics in Taiwan and Korea

    – Dennis Tang instead of female judge who had questioned evidence re: eight-year-old’s consent in rape case– Cho Yong, Lawyers for Democratic Change, false address– retirement of Justice Cho Dae-Hyen, in background

  • Constitutional democracy as a national security strategy

    Longtime China observer Jerry Cohen recently posted a critique of Taiwan’s government after its prime minister reacted against foreign critics. See here . One theme of Jerry’s comments is that Taiwan, as an island whose defense rests on explicit and implicit guarantees from the United States, is now of strategic value not because of its location but because of its values.

  • Guest Post: Constitutional Aftermath of Taiwan’s Typhoon

    Typhoon Morakot, now known as Taiwan’s Katrina, brought not only a catastropic flood but also a political avalanche to Taiwan. Public criticism toward the government’s disordered, too-slow rescue efforts is giving rise to anger against President Ma, blaming him for his inaction, wooden qualities and incompetence as leader of the nation.