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  • Review Essay: Nicholas Barber, The United Kingdom Constitution: An Introduction (Oxford, Clarendon Law, 2022)

    [Editor’s Note: In this installment of I•CONnect’s Book Review Series, Stephen Tierney reviews Nicholas Barber’s book “The United Kingdom Constitution: An Introduction” (Oxford: Clarendon Law, 2022) —Stephen Tierney, Professor of Constitutional Theory, University of Edinburgh; Legal Adviser, House of Lords Constitution Committee Nicholas Barber’s excellent new book is published at a time of great flux in the constitution of the United Kingdom.

  • The House of Lords Constitution Committee Report on ‘The Union and Devolution’

    Cross-posted with permission from the UK Constitutional Law Association Blog. The original post appears here. —Mark Elliott and Stephen Tierney, Legal Advisers to the Constitution Committee. This post is written in a personal capacity. The Constitution Committee’s report on ‘The Union and devolution’, published today, declares the Union to be “under threat”, and recommends that the United Kingdom Government “needs fundamentally to reassess how it approaches issues relating to devolution.”

  • Constitutional Politics of Institutions: The Call for a British Constitution

    —Susan M. Sterett, Virginia Tech A written constitution for Britain is even making the American news again, inspired not least by the debates about independence, with the anniversary of the Magna Carta adding continuity and contrast.[1]  American news describes the call for a written constitution as a response to immediate problems. 

  • Should Prisoners Have the Right to Assisted Suicide?

    —Michèle Finck, University of Oxford Recently, a Belgian inmate, convicted of murder and rape, received a lethal injection. Most Europeans would feel nothing short of a shock when reading these lines. After all, the death penalty has been abolished in most European States in the aftermath of WWII, and is now outlawed by Protocol No.

  • Video Interview: “Bills of Rights in the Common Law” Featuring Robert Leckey

    —Richard Albert, Boston College Law School In this installment of our new video interview series at I-CONnect, I interview Robert Leckey on his forthcoming book entitled “Bills of Rights in the Common Law,” to be published by Cambridge University Press in May 2015.