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  • Will the Netherlands Finally Embrace Constitutional Adjudication?

    —Maartje De Visser, Singapore Management University, Yong Pung How School of Law [Editor’s Note: This is one of our biweekly ICONnect columns. For more information on our 2022 columnists, see here.] On 1 July 2022, the Dutch government, acting through its ministers for the Interior and Legal Protection, sent a letter to parliament announcing its intention to move forward with the introduction of constitutional review of statutes by the courts.

  • I-CONnect Symposium on “Constitutional Boundaries” — Proportionality and the Boundaries of Borrowing

    [Editor’s Note: This is the second entry in our symposium on “Constitutional Boundaries.” The introduction to the symposium is available here, and the first entry is available here.] —Adrienne Stone, Kathleen Fitzpatrick Australian Laureate Fellow, Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor, Director of the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne Law School Australian constitutional law is having something of a proportionality moment.