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  • Addressing the Plights of Minorities under Ethiopia’s Ethnic Federal Structure: A Call for Legal Reform

    —Dunia Mekonnen Tegegn, Human Rights Lawyer and Gender Equality Advocate Except for mentioning the term ‘minorities’ and reserving 20 seats under article 54(3), the FDRE Constitution does not define the term minorities. However, other laws have discussed minorities. The transnational proclamation No.

  • Minority Rights – Ukraine’s Gateway to the West

    —Balázs Tárnok, Hungary Foundation’s Visiting Research Fellow – Kellogg Institute for International Studies, University of Notre Dame, USA; Associate Researcher – Europe Strategy Research Institute, University of Public Service, Budapest. In 2017, the Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) adopted a new Law on Education which limits the right of ethnic minorities to be educated in their native language after the fourth grade.