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  • The Brazilian Moment in the Judicialization of Mega-Politics

    –Vanice Lirio do Valle, Estacio de Sá University The Brazilian political crisis is visible worldwide, due to the bombastic effects of the findings in the huge police investigation called the “car-wash operation”.  From the initial imprisonment of Senator Delcidio Amaral in 2015, up to the second criminal complaint addressed to President Michel Temer who was charged with leading a criminal organization in 2017, dozens of important political figures, including the President of Congress, have been charged or even incarcerated for corruption.

  • Belgian Constitutional Court Upholds the “Essential Elements” of Power Sharing Deal

    —Stefan Graziadei, University of Antwerp The former Belgian Prime Minister Jean Luc Dehaene found Belgium to be a schizophrenic country.[i] He argued that while for Dutch speakers (known as ‘Flemings’) the Belgian polity and its constitutional law are underpinned by the territoriality principle, for French speakers the personality principle was dominant.