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  • Losing the Battle to Win the War: Judicial Self-Empowerment Through Maxi-Minimalism

    —Yvonne Tew, Georgetown University Law Center[1] [Editor’s note: This is one of our biweekly I-CONnect columns. For more information about our four columnists for 2020, please click here.] On September 26, 2020, President Donald Trump announced Judge Amy Coney Barrett as his nominee to the United States Supreme Court to fill the seat occupied by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg until her death the week before.[2]

  • District Bar Association, Rawalpindi v. Federation of Pakistan: Marbury-Style Judicial Empowerment?

    —Neil Modi, Visiting Researcher, Georgetown University Law Center The Pakistani Supreme Court’s decision in District Bar Association, Rawalpindi v. Federation of Pakistan (2015) serves as a good illustration of an attempt of judicial self-empowerment, akin to a Marbury v. Madison-style moment.[1]

  • Indonesian Constitutional Politics

    —Fritz Siregar, University of New South Wales As an emerging democracy, Indonesia is learning how to become a democratic country. The Indonesian Constitutional Court (“the Court”) plays an important role in determining what kind of democracy Indonesia will become, because there is a gap between what the 1945 Constitution tries to achieve, and what is possible given the current political maturity of the various parties.