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  • Special Report on Romanian Parliamentary Elections

    —Bianca Selejan-Guțan, PhD, Professor of Constitutional Law, “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, Romania The most recent parliamentary elections in Romania, held last month in December 2016, did not bring about many surprises. In this special report, I shall draw the picture of the general context of the elections and I shall also try to present an accurate image of Romanian society 27 years after the fall of the totalitarian regime, as far as democratic values are concerned.

  • The Constitutional Politics of Cohabitation in Romania

    —Zoltán Pozsár-Szentmiklósy, ELTE University, Budapest Klaus Iohannis, Romania’s new president, faces a challenging situation right at the beginning of his term: after a harsh campaign, his rival candidate for the presidency, Victor Ponta, remains prime minister and enjoys the support of a significant parliamentary majority. 

  • Special Report on Romania’s Presidential Election

    –Bianca Selejan-Gutan, PhD, Professor of Constitutional Law, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania [T]he right to vote is not a privilege. In the twenty-first century, the presumption in a democratic State must be in favour of inclusion. (…) Universal suffrage has become the basic principle (see Mathieu-Mohin and Clerfayt v.