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  • How Far Out of Step is the Supreme Court of the United States?

    —Brian Christopher Jones, Liverpool Hope University The short answer to the question posed in the title of this piece is: very. This post focuses on three things, some of which Erwin Chemerinsky covered in his recently published monograph, The Case Against the Supreme Court, and also that I focused on in my book review of that text for the Journal of Law and Society.

  • The Indonesian Constitutional Court in Crisis over the Chief Justice’s Term Limit

    —Stefanus Hendrianto, Santa Clara University On January 12, 2015, the Indonesian Constitutional Court Justices unanimously elected Arief Hidayat, a lesser-known academic from Diponegoro University, as the new Chief Justice. After his inauguration, Hidayat stated that “the process [of election] was very smooth.”

  • The Once and Future Court

    —Erin Delaney, Northwestern University School of Law I regret to inform you, should you have been interested in applying for one of the three upcoming vacancies on the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, that the deadline has passed.  Applications were due at 5pm on October 30.