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  • Malaysia’s 2020 Government Crisis: Revealing the New Emperor’s Clothes

    —Yvonne Tew, Georgetown University Law Center[1] [Editor’s note: This is one of our biweekly I-CONnect columns. For more information about our four columnists for 2020, please click here.] In 2018, Malaysia was hailed as a story of democracy’s triumph. In a historic national election, voters ousted the Barisan Nasional ruling coalition, ending its six decades grip on power.[2]

  • Constitutional Quantum Mechanics and a Change of Government in Malaysia

    —Dian AH Shah and Andrew Harding, National University Singapore Faculty of Law Democratic backsliding has become quite the flavour of the decade, unfortunately, as the pages of this blog reveal all too starkly: Hungary, Poland, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, and many other instances across the world.[1]