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  • Inherent Limits on the Override Power after the Israeli Election

    —Rivka Weill, Harry Radzyner Law School, IDC Within the first twenty-four hours after the Israeli election, the future political partners of PM Netanyahu raised the demand to enact a general override clause as part of the Basic Laws. They believe that this override clause will empower them to govern without the intervention of the High Court of Justice.

  • Transformative Constitutionalism in Latin America: A Dialogic Route to Utopia?

    —Leonardo García Jaramillo, Universidad EAFIT, Government and Political Science Department-Colombia[*] In Latin America during the last three decades, the law (and particularly constitutional law) has been changing dramatically both anatomically and physiologically. It has become more widespread and more powerful, transforming its structure and shape, while its functions have grown in a more complex and inter-related way.