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  • The Mass Removal of Constitutional Judges in El Salvador: A New Case of Constitutional Authoritarian-Populism

    —José Ignacio Hernández G., Fellow, Growth Lab-Center for International Development Harvard; Professor of Administrative Law at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello; Invited Professor, Universidad Castilla-La Mancha, and Tashkent University.  In just a few hours, between the evening of May 1 and the early morning of May 2, the Legislative Assembly in El Salvador removed the five judges of the Supreme Court’s Constitutional Chamber and appointed new judges.

  • Understanding Turkey’s Restructured System for Judicial Appointments and Promotions

    —Dr. Ali Dursun Ulusoy, Professor of Law at Ankara University, Former Justice of Turkish Council of State (Danistay), Visiting Scholar, UCLA Law[*] In some countries including Turkey, a special board of judges (and prosecutors) is in charge of nationwide appointments (for everything from regional to apex courts), reshuffles, reassignments, removals and disciplinary procedures of judges (and prosecutors).