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  • Introduction to I-CONnect Symposium–Contemporary Discussions in Constitutional Law

    [Editor’s Note: I-CONnect is pleased to feature short posts based on papers presented at a symposium on “Contemporary Discussions in Constitutional Law” held at the Externado University of Colombia. This online symposium will feature nine parts, including this Introduction. We are very grateful to Professors Magdalena Correa Henao and Andrés Mauricio Gutiérrez Beltrán for convening the symposium, and for serving as guest editors for this online symposium.]

  • If It Looks Like A Duck…?

    —Claudia E. Haupt, Associate-in-Law, Columbia Law School Cross-posted from the Center for Law and Religion Forum at St. John’s University School of Law A growing body of literature in comparative constitutional law discusses themes of constitutional convergence. Do constitutional provisions converge across legal regimes?