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  • Editorial: The human ChatGPT—The use and abuse of research assistants

    [Editor’s Note: This Editorial is forthcoming in ICON] Recent meetings of the Advisory Boards of I•CON and EJIL were dedicated, among other issues, to, surprise surprise, the ChatGPT challenge. In the context of law faculties and legal education, one acute problem, as a recent Editorial noted, relates to the possible use of AI by students in exams and, even more acutely, when writing seminar papers.

  • Editorial: ChatGPT and Law Exams

    —J.H.H. Weiler, NYU School of Law To suggest that AI is upending our world in a myriad of ways is by now a banality. To suggest that it poses a challenge to the very human condition, perhaps more so than previous technological revolutions, is, if not a banality at least a matter of extensive public discussion and debate.